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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 

The Sinhagad Xperience !

I think I have been doing lot of poetry or say rhyming with words .All in all they were just the reflection of what we do in our daily life ....each thought of us has to be a reflection of the past.....As once said if we want to go to future we should run from the past that's what one has to do run ..run and run from past and leave it behind and enter the new dimension ...Provided if we travel faster than light ......this is a travelogue should be all about or atleast this is what I feel !
Two days back ....there was this fine evening ...overcast and drizzling .....Jatin and me decided to go to coffee express ( a food outlet in the premises of my company ) ......as and when we moved out from our dull cubicle life ...fulll of codes and bytes to eat ...the very moment we moved out of the closed wallls the breeeze flowing from mountain side touched us so deep that we felt a desire to chase the wind as far as it goes .In the spur of movement we decided to hitch hike to Sinhagad a fort the details of the place as I got from google are like this :D

Sinhagad : The Place
Sinhagad is one of the most popular forts of the sahyadris, being very close to pune city and also being very easy to climb.It is also known as 'Kudhana'.Standing at a height of 4320' it provides a fantastic view of the pune city and the lakes around and also rajgad and torna.

The first task inhand was to convince Vineet for the trip as all of us leaving the company together in itself requires a dare ! ......That ofcoure thanks to Vineet's enthusiastic and spirited nature we got the "Go" for the trip .........I was pooling with Tejinder on his Thunder Bird and belive me thunderbird is the bike which even on 100+ speed will not even shake .....with Suhas driving alone and Jatin and Adrija on Bullet we drove around 35 kms from our company to Sinhagad .On the way we stopped by for a cup of tea and corn at Khadagwasala dam .....Supposedly a kind of beach for Puneites ......not that clean but indeed a good place for a change where one can see lot of water to dive or dip ! ..........Over the dam we met Jatin and drove to the base of the fort .There we met Vineet- Shilpa-Rucha along with Santosh . From the base we all drove upto the height of 10 kms to the fort ....seeing the beautiful sunset somehwere from the hills i remmber was the most pleasing experience to eyes after the munar trip i had in third year summers .....After the ride of around half and hour ....and belive me thats like tough ride and a good test of endurance ...with lot of blind turns and stuff to skid on if we dont drive carefullly .....we reached the fort around 7:30 ....it was dark by then .....but stilll we managed to walk around the fort and clicked few snaps that i will post with this blog ......After that we all ate the jhunka bhakar and kanda bhaji there with an awesome cup of tea ....sitting beyond the clear sky and enjoying the cool air ........
While returning back the driving was bit risky with Suhas and Tejinder racing like maniacs on those turns and at that height ...Both of them made my life helll for atleast half and hour of the race .....One ofcourse shivers while sitting behind someone and having faced an accident in recent past :) ........Overall a nice trip to record and remember in later years of life !